When your Summer Porch is your Sleeping Porch

Freedom Chair Bed for the Porch

Written by Joanne Grigoriev

June 7, 2023

Freedom Chair Bed for the PorchYour porch is your favorite summer space. Your place to relax. To ruminate, recline and reflect. You let go there, listening to the birds, the leaves rustling and the occasional frog giving voice.

Family and friends like your porch too. And they like to visit in the warm summer months. And they like to sleep over occasionally. You are then very glad that your favorite porch chair can just lean back into a flat bed. Just knowing you have a nice space that can convert instantly into a guest room is reassuring and calming. No stress with trying to hurriedly tidy up the den or rearrange the sewing room or pick-up after the kids in the rec room… you have your lovely porch space that becomes a sleeping room. From living porch to sleeping porch.Freedom Chair beds on the porch

A pair of JustLeanBack Freedom Chairs with matching ottomans are lovely for conversations by day and offer surprising versatility.by night.  Sleep a couple together by rolling the 2 chairs together, popping the flip-bar open and laying them down flat as beds and including the footrests to make a full bed. Or if you have an adult with a child, then each may sleep on their own set.
Freedom Chairs become Beds on the Porch

Such versatility, along with ease, comfort and style in your porch furniture, means you don’t have to ever worry about guests dropping in unexpectedly during those warm summer months… you will always have a comfortable bed for them, ready in an instant. This leaves you free to just lean back, relax and enjoy that beautiful summer porch yourself.


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