Sleep in Luxury on Your Porch: Introducing Outdoor Sofa Beds

Written by Joanne Grigoriev

August 2, 2023

Imagine warm weather, cool evening breezes, and the gentle sounds of the night lulling you to sleep on your screened-in porch or patio. An alluring idea but turning your outdoor space into a makeshift bedroom might not be appealing during the day. That’s where outdoor sofa beds, chair beds, and lounger beds specifically designed and crafted for your porch come in. Quality pieces of porch furniture, like those being crafted by Just Lean Back Convertible Furniture offer that comfort, style, and luxury by day and transform effortlessly into cozy beds by night. Discover the perfect harmony of style and functionality as you embrace the ultimate porch living experience.

Embrace the Outdoor Living Lifestyle

We want to be outside as often as possible and cherish every moment. Whether you enjoy lazy afternoons with a book in hand, hosting intimate gatherings with friends and family, or simply soaking in the beauty of nature, your porch becomes an extension of your living space. Just Lean Back understands the need for a line of outdoor sofa beds, chair beds and loungers that simply and effortlessly reshape and repurpose to the needs and whims of your outdoor lifestyle.

Built for the Outdoors

Unlike indoor sofa beds which are susceptible to the elements, our porch sofa beds are hand-made with weather-resistant materials, including solid cherry hardwood, stainless steel hardware, and Outdura outdoor fabrics, ensuring beauty and functionality season after season.

Designed for Ease and Flexibility

Our porch is a place to rejuvenate and relax and we don’t want to be struggling with convertible furniture that is difficult to operate or maneuver. Pieces should be as easy to handle as they are flexible and versatile. Like, for example, relaxing and reclining should be as simple as Just Leaning Back, a signature feature of our design. Repositioning your sofa or loveseat should be as easy as “rolling it from here to there”. When the outdoor sofa beds are easy to convert, reshape and relocate, then life on the porch is easy.  

Day-to-Night Living Made Effortless

Converting your outdoor room from daytime to nighttime living should not be a chore. At Just Lean Back, we like to keep it simple. With just a simple flip of the back bar, your stylish porch sofa just leans back into a flat and stable bed. You can effortlessly transition from a daytime lounging space to a luxurious sleeping space. Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up temporary sleeping arrangements when guests visit – our outdoor porch sofabeds offer a smart and simple solution that ensures both you and your visitors can rest in comfort and luxury.

Reconfigure your Outdoor room on a whim 

Life is full and moments arise and needs shift. With Just Lean Back Furniture you can shape-shift your outdoor space into a whole new setting on a need or a whim. Our luxury outdoor sofa beds, chair beds, and loungers have hidden wheels, empowering you to effortlessly reconfigure your porch layout with ease. Embrace the freedom of versatility as our intelligently engineered pieces enable you to transform your porch into a sanctuary for relaxation or entertainment or cherished memories, as the moments arise. These quality pieces of porch furniture offer comfort, style, and flexibility by day, transforming effortlessly into a luxurious sleeping space by night. Discover the perfect harmony of luxurious comfort with flexible functionality as you embrace the ultimate porch living experience.

What our customers are saying

We have been looking for a furniture piece for our patio that would answer many of our needs. We looked for months to find exactly what we wanted. Just Lean Back was the answer.

Our first need was a “sofa” long and wide enough to enjoy living outside (weather permitting of course). Our second need was having the opportunity to sleep outside comfortably. Living in the hurricane prone areas, losing power and needing the breeze is important. Our last need was not to look like your typical patio furniture. That is boring and everybody has the same look.

Just Lean Back was the answer to all our needs. Our patio is screened in and we have truly made it into another living area. We watch tv, play video games, and entertain guests. We missed our window for the season to sleep outside, but you can bet money as soon as the temperature is reasonable, we are sleeping on our Just Lean Back sofa on the patio. Can’t wait!!


Kelli Reynolds

Scandia Sofa Bed on porch
Author, Joanne Grigoriev loves to be outside.
She writes for Just Lean Back Convertible Furniture

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