Outdoor Chaise Lounge – 54″ Full Bed


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Live on the Porch with your Outdoor Chaise Lounge that just leans back into a Full bed. (Also available in King, Queen, Twin, and Cot Sizes) A personal size for lounging by day and sleeping at night.

The backrest of this 54” wide lounger reclines to several positions. Great for movie watching or sunset gazing. The footrest can easily be angled down or kept up and level as you wish.

Everyone loves their own lounger by day. At night, just lean back and you have a Full Bed!

Fabric flaps connect the three sections of the Chaise cushion, ensuring that your chaise will be comfortable whether sitting upright with your footrest down, or relaxing with the footrest up and leaning back, or when flat as a bed. The sections also fold over neatly into a single column for easy storage.

  • Conversations by day
  • Comfortable sleeping at night
  • Flexible all of the time

Whether you are looking for hyper-versatility for a small space or you love the fun and freedom of furniture that is versatile and multi-functional, JustLeanBack is ideal for your porch or patio, den or deck.

Go ahead and Just Lean Back where you love it most… on the summer porch with your Outdoor 54” Chaise Lounge

Engineered to be easy to use with the hidden wheels and Flip-Bar. This 54” Chaise Lounge just leans back into a super stable Full Bed. Watch how easy it is)

Just Lean Back Convertible Furniture is made in the USA of solid cherry hardwood, finished in teak oil and put together with stainless steel screws and hardware. Designed to be strong and stable yet lightweight. And, of course, easy to convert and rearrange.

Our sumptuous outdoor box cushions are hand-crafted in the USA and specially designed to be comfortable for sitting and supportive for sleeping.

For all-night sleeping, we recommend putting a comforter or thick blanket on top of the cushions and then tucking all the edges in with the fitted sheet.

With Just Lean Back Convertible Furniture, your porch or patio, veranda or deck will become your favorite outdoor room, day and night.


Chaise Full dimensions include cushion


Lounging Position (Most Compact Settings)
Backrest locked into UP, Footrest angled DOWN
38” H (Backrest) x 54” W x  61” L       

Bed Position​ is a Standard Full Bed
54” W 75” L x 20” H


Click on the below image for a printable product sheet:

Chaise Loungers


Cherry is a hardwood prized by cabinet makers. It has a warm, reddish brown color with a golden luster and feels sooth and silky to the touch.

Sample of Cherry Wood

Disclaimer: Cherry is the only wood offered at this time. It is finished in teak oil or ready-to-finish yourself. You will come across images with different woods and finishes and these are presented here as a general resource of ideas and possibilites for room settings only.


Disclaimer: Due to the global supply chain challenges, not all fabrics may be available. Please choose 4 fabrics in your order of preference and we will let you know which ones are available.

Below is a list of fabrics

Just Lean Back Fabrics

To see more details on the fabrics, please click here.

Cool Combos

View ideas for combining our modular units with each other to create the flexibility and versatility you are looking for whether on the porch, the deck or the den.

Just Lean Back Cool Combos Spec Sheet

Sure Stop Kit

The Sure Stop Kit is standard on all the CHAISE LOUNGERS.

It is the Handle & Step of the Back Rest that allows you to lean back and relax at a certain angle. The back rest comes to a SURE STOP of your choice (3 choices) and will not continue to flat position until you release the handle.

Sure Stop Kit by Just Lean Back

You can see it demonstrated in the Chaise Lounge Video

FOR ALL OF THE SEATING UNITS, Chairs, Loveseats, Sofas, the SURE STOP is an option.

If you imagine that you will be taking advantage of the Just Lean Back feature - then you may want to get a SURE STOP KIT.

10 Year Warranty

We guarantee every hardwood product that we manufacture will be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of purchase and will provide the original purchaser with satisfactory service, under normal use, for at least ten years.

Cushions manufactured by us are simiilarly guaranteed for at least five years.

10 Year Warranty

Because of the custom nature of fabrics and finishes of our Porch Covertibles, we do not accept returns. Any changes to an order, or cancellation of an order must be made within 48 hours of placing the order.


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Feel Good About Choosing Just Lean Back

  • ZERO DESIGN REDUNDANCY ( Highly Efficient Material Usage)
  • STRONG YET LIGHTWEIGHT (Efficient Design – the Structure is the Mechanism)
  • EASY TO RECONFIGURE A ROOM – even MULTIPLE TIMES PER DAY – from a conversation setting – to Movie watching – to a sleeping pace PROPER SITTING HEIGHT
  • GOOD ERGONOMICS – Provides good back support with proper seating angles
  • BED IS STABLE ( does not flex in the middle)