Just Lean Back Chair by harbor

See the problem

Face it. Sofa beds as we know them them needed a basic redesign.

We are all familiar with the typical convertible couch where we start by removing all the seating cushions and stuff them somewhere out of the way.  Then there is the struggle to yank out the metal bed frame and unfold it, hoping to keep all our fingers intact.

Then there are the “clicky” sofabeds. Some click back, some click forward, some have arms that click down – and of course, the ubiquitous one with grooves in the arms and plastic rollers that break and get stuck.

Other sofabeds come with pull-out pegs that get jammed in. And of course, the ubiquitous one with grooves in the arms and plastic rollers that break and get stuck.

Isn’t it time already for a better sofa bed design?

Quintessential Design

Design the Quintessential Solution

The JustLeanBack sofa bed frame is a “one-piece” design.

Engineered for integrated structural stability, strength, and functional simplicity.

​This is a result of aiming for the quintessential design ​where no parts are extra or redundant (like rollers and grooves and extra rails under seat decks) and all parts of the structure are intended and calculated to serve for ​both superior support and strength and easy, simple mechanics.

Superior function melding with aesthetic form.

So we can Just Lean Back in style.

chair with ottoman

What you will like!

  • Our patented FlipBar which is:
    1. Sofa’s strong back brace
    2. Bed’s integrated supporting structure
    3. Easy-does-it lock and unlock
    4. Just Lean Back reclining mechanism


    • Wheels!!! make it so easy to reposition, roll, recline and Just Lean Back


    • Seat and Back decks are integral parts
      of structure and mechanism … keeping it simple


    • Engineered for strength
      See 10 people standing on a Freedom Frame


    • Keep-it-simple Assembly
      Remove 3 pins and you have 2 light sections


    • Lightweight
      Strong by design and not bulk


  • Just Lean Back comfort, simplicity and ease

Scandia Seating

Simple Elegant Efficiency

The bold, clean style of the Scandia series is born of its simple, elegant efficiency. Scandia Convertibles are distinguished by the single, long, clear and beautiful, wide solid hardwood board that neatly joins complimentary arms and seemingly wraps around the two sides.


Integrated Design
The single, wide front board that is signature to the Nikita Scandia Series is, unlike in other sofabed designs, not a cosmetic coverup of the “double chin” look (see DESIGN COMPARISON) but an integral and functional part of the Nikita “uniframe” or “one frame” design.


The beautiful wide board not only accounts for the desirably clean aesthetics of the Scandia line, it provides essential strength! Our Uniframe Design requires less materials for maximum performance!

Freedom Seating

Sleek Strong and Free

The sleek and modern style of the Freedom series is enhanced by its free perimeter. Not only is it armless, but all of its structural components are recessed, creating a look of a “floating platform” for the cushion.
Freedom Seating is accessible from the sides which is ideal for space-challenged settings.

The free perimeter allows units to be combined with others to create Sectionals, Large Beds and/or Loungers. ( See the COOL COMBOS PAGE)

 Free of Compromise – Quintessential Sofa Bed

When flat, the Freedom Sofa is a real bed. A rock solid, stable platform bed.
We like to call it a Bed Sofa (instead of Sofa Bed).


Yet, it is a real sofa, with its ergonomically pitched and standard height seat.

In short, it is free of compromise.  It is, The quintessential sofa bed.



Cherry has a warm, reddish-brown color with a golden luster.  Smooth and even silky to the touch, it is highly prized by cabinet makers.  Freshly cut cherry is often pale, which then oxidizes to its famously rich, brown-red color with time.

Suitable Spaces

  • Outdoors with a roof
  • Outdoor under open sky + Protective Cover
  • Indoors
  • Finishes:

    • Teak Oil Finish
    • Unfinished

    Disclaimer: All images that show units made from other woods and finishes other than Cherry finished in teak oil or unfinished are from previous offerings and are not available at this time. We recommend ordering the wood frame unfinished so you can finish or paint it to your liking.


    • Outdoor units – Stainless Steel 

    When Outdoor Funiture is better for Indoor Spaces


    Any piece made for the outdoors may be used indoors. It may even be desirable in certain indoor situations to build for the outdoors.  Damp basement rooms, three season rooms with much sunlight, or dwellings close to the seashore are a few instances to consider ordering outdoors for the indoors.

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