Sit Outside

Sleep Outside

Make any outdoor space a room

Live on the Porch

Just Lean Back

Life made simple.

Gaze out and admire the garden, then face into the porch for cozy conversations … just roll on the hidden wheels.

Feel like reclining and relaxing? Want to sleep on the porch?  Simply pop open the Flip-Bar and Just Lean Back. 

Live on the Porch. Sleep on the Porch

The most agile sofa beds you'll ever find.

Use them outside, inside, all day and for the night. Pair up chairs and loveseats into our many cool combos for ultimate room versatility.

Easy to use - one person can do it!

No need to recruit your kids, spouse, or a friend to help you convert your sofabed. You can do it yourself with one hand!

Made in the USA

We use the highest quality materials and assemble it in New York State.

I slept outside on my porch last night

We live in a remote area in the woods in our self built log cabin and the night symphony while I slept on my porch on my loveseat last night, my long time dream come true (with the dogs, of course, who love the furniture almost as much as I do!) was the most soothing sound imaginable!!I feel this is the best purchase I have ever made for both ease of function and comfort. Your customer service is astounding, from helping me choose the furniture to meet my needs to the choice of colors for my design. It has truly been a pleasure working with such a quality business. I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know.Thank you for helping me enjoy my life in the woods even more than I did do, however, have one problem. I have found that I need to order another ottoman!! If I “lean back” in my chair with the ottoman, my husband or company does not have one for the loveseat. I’d like to re-order the same ottoman. I have to tell you again, I could not be more pleased with this purchase.Thank you!

April W.
Customer Since: 2007

Found it to be comfy

I slept on one of these Freedom Frame sofabeds last summer for several months at a friend’s house and found it to be very comfortable. I was delighted to finally put one in my own guest room – making it a much more versatile space. 

Claudia Hansen
Roseboom, NY
Customer Since: 2002

Furniture maker likes the design

It took a couple of years from our first contact with JustLeanBack,  but we are now the proud owners of two futons with ottomans that are the centerpieces of two guest rooms. My husband, the furniture maker, was impressed with the simplicity and elegance of the design. I liked the choices of wood, wood finish, mattress and covering material that made our futons just right for us. One becomes a full sized bed and the other is a queen sized bed.We are able to provide an inviting place for children, grandchildren, relatives, and friends to stay when visiting us here in the Catskills. Everyone who has stayed with us has been impressed with the comfort of the beds.
Thanks, JustLeanBack for a locally made, just right product!

Cyndi L.
Catskill Mountains, NY
Customer Since:  2008

Over the Well of Water

I bought a beautiful SofaBed from you earlier this year. I thought you might like to see it in its final resting place. We love it!!. The interesting part is that the building sits on top of an old dug well, and the center of the floor is 4’x4’ glass, so you look right down into 20 feet of water.

New Hampshire
Customer Since: 2013

We are Renewable

We started hand-building our unique convertible sofabeds, right here in the USA back in 1984 – and, although “green” was not a buzz word at the time, it was always our way. Sustainability and efficiency have always been at our very core – from product design to production.

We use only 100% solid, clear, beautiful and naturally strong hardwood, itself a renewable resource. All the wood we use comes from FSC ( Forest Steward Council) CERTIFIED MILLS and is FSC controlled. This means the wood comes from slow-growth, sustainably managed forests.

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All of our pieces are made for the outdoors, but also may be used indoors. They work great in damp basement rooms, three-season rooms with much sunlight, or dwellings close to the seashore. 

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